October, 2020

October 6, 2020

Dear Family and Friends:

We thank you for your prayers and financial support and count it a privilege to be your missionaries to Honduras.  The country has reopened most businesses now.  Only on the day of the last number of your id card can you go to the bank and certain businesses.  They still don’t allow churches to meet, so we continue to have combined services with my parents’ works and ours on the internet, everyone from their home on ZOOM or Facebook Live.  Praise the Lord for the internet!  Please pray that they will soon allow church meetings to continue and that the people will return.

New missionaries J. D. and Vanessa Young family are in Honduras!  They are busy setting up household and studying Spanish.  Please pray for them.  We praise the Lord for sending more laborers for His Harvest.  Maybe you would be willing to come also.

As I recently emailed you, Alba has been diagnosed with cancer.   It has spread to her liver.  She is suffering from fatigue and weakness and can barely eat.  This is the most difficult trial we have ever had, yet I realize that many others of passed through this.  We praise the Lord that we have obtained an appointment October 20th  with an oncologist in Dallas, Texas.  Next week, we will be flying to Texas.  Please pray for ALBA’S  health and strength, for wisdom in the decisions being made, for the ministry here as we leave suddenly, for the Lord’s provision for the airline tickets, out of pocket expenses before the deductible was met, a vehicle, etc., and ABOVE ALL PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACULOUS AND GOD GLORIFYING HEALING OF HER BODY.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support.  May God bless you greatly. 

Yours with Hope for Honduras,

Email:  lesliepriday@gmail.com           Web Page:  www.lesliepriday.com
FIELD ADDRESS:  APDO. 99 – SIGUATEPEQUE, COM. – HONDURAS, CENTRAL AMERICA SENT BY: Victory Baptist Church, 1311 E. Bankhead Drive, Weatherford, TX  76086,
Dr. Charles W. Wetherbee, Pastor
AFFILIATED WITH: Independent Baptist Fellowship International,
724 N. Jim Wright Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX  76108  

Leslie & Alba Priday