“That they might set their hope in God…” Psalm 78:5

2016 Furlough Presentation

Many asked if I would return to Honduras.   I returned Sunday December 25th.    In January the missionary that had been covering for me while we were gone called me Saturday evening to let me know he was sick so I would have to teach his SS class.   I am now preaching 4 times a week, including our recently renewed Youth Meeting that was discontinued because of Covid.
It is with deep pain but sure hope in the Lord that I notify you that Alba went home to be with her beloved Lord  this morning at 4:58,  December 10 in the hospital. She died peacefully without pain.  I was at her side holding her hand.

Recent Update

On Tuesday, November 29th, Alba was scheduled for her 6th chemotherapy.  But Alba has an infection and is dehydrated so the doctor hospitalized her to give her liquids and if she needs blood maybe give her blood before he gives her the chemotherapy  maybe tomorrow night.  They did an xray of the lungs and want to have her all tanked up for the trip to Honduras.  He says the symptoms indicate that the cancer is growing. The chemotherapy is not stopping it but it is keeping it from growing quickly and so that’s why she’s having so many more symptoms now so he wants to keep on doing the chemotherapy to try and keep her Comfortable and that’s it.  Hopefully we can go through with our plans to return to Honduras Saturday and travel back and forth every 4 weeks for chemotherapy. PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY. I still pray for a Miracle of God. Thank you very much for your prayers

Prayer Letters

May 26, 2023

Dear Co-laborers:

Greetings from hot, dry, and dusty Honduras.  The dry season has extended longer than normal, affecting the crops that should have been planted several weeks ago.  People suffer from allergies due to the smoke from forest fires and the dust.  Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement.   It is a privilege to continue to represent you in Honduras.   I am striving to continue to do what God called me to do many years ago and what Alba and I did together for many years.

Praise the Lord that recently a single man named Javier has joined our mission church.  He was saved in the States and went to a Bible Institute in Costa Rica.  He worked in a church a few years in Nicaragua and recently returned to Honduras.  He is excited to start serving the Lord with us and loves to go on visitation.    Also, a young lady who came as a toddler asked to talk to me about being baptized, so I will be baptizing her soon.   During Holy Week, I was privileged to preach at my parents’ mission church.  We had joint services, including a sunrise service.  I also was asked to preach at the family camp of a church from a large city two hours from here at the nearby lake.   Javier went with me.   They are always a blessing to be around. 

I will be resuming a ministry I had before COVID, teaching older elementary school students in a night school.  Please pray that we will see souls saved and added to the church through that ministry.  There will be about fifteen students from ages 13 to 26. 

The last week of July, I will be helping my parents in a medical brigade with a group from Heritage Baptist Church of Haslet, Texas, near Fort Worth.  There will be a gospel outreach during the patients waiting time.  Please be in prayer for that special week. 

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support.  I covet your prayers.  May God bless you greatly Please change immediately the address of the IBFI where you send our support or correspondence.  The new address is:

IBFI Mission Agency
PO Box 151259
Fort Worth, TX  76108

Yours with Hope for Honduras,


March 10, 2023

Dear Pastor and Church:

Thank you so much for your prayers, cards, emails, calls, and special offerings.  Three months ago today, Friday, March 10th, on December 10th, Alba went home to be with the Lord.  We had a memorial service December 17th in our home church , Victory Baptist. Church of Weatherford, TX and our Pastor Rev. Rob Catuto preached.  My Dad gave the eulogy, prayed, and read Psalm 23.  Halbert played the piano and sang with one of his cousins.   A friend in the church and Pastor Catuto also sang.   If you have been following my emails, you know that I returned to Honduras December 25th.   Our oldest son Steve returned December 24th.  Halbert arrived the 31st and Edgar arrived the 10th of January.  Alba’s body finally arrived here in Siguatepeque, Honduras January 10th.  That night we had the traditional wake.  There was a large crowd present.  We had a special service during the wake.  I asked Pastor Polo to lead the service and give the eulogy.  His family and Alba’s family have known each other since they were children.  Halbert, another one of his cousins, and a friend sang several of Alba’s favorite hymns.  My Mom read the 23rd Psalm.  I asked my Dad to preach as there were many lost present.  Both services closed with a hymn that was sung at our wedding in 1988, “My Tribute, To God Be The Glory.”   The next day we buried her with our sons, my parents, her Father and her nine siblings, many nieces and nephews, cousins, church members from several churches, and friends.  It was a big crowd.  Pastor Polo led a short service and my Mom read the verses I tried to read but couldn’t.  We sang and prayed. 

Halbert and Edgar returned to the States January 14th.   Steve is here with me.  I must admit that this is very difficult.  I miss Alba immensely.  Praise the Lord for the comfort that her soul is in Heaven and she no longer is suffering.  We long for the time when we will be reunited in the air with the Lord for all Eternity.  Maybe today.  We do have some exciting family news:  Edgar and Alexandra are expecting a baby boy in June.  He will be our third grandchild. 

I have completely resumed the ministry now.  The J.D. Young family were a great help during our absence.  But they have left Honduras and plan to go to Spain as missionaries.    So, now I am back to preaching three times a week in the services.  We had Friends Day in February with several visitors present.   Our attendance is increasing slowly.  We have been going out every Saturday to pass out tracts and knock on doors.   Please pray that we will see souls saved and that the members will grow in faithfulness.  

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support.  May God bless you greatly

Please change immediately the address of the IBFI where you send our support.  The new address is:

IBFI Mission Agency
PO Box 151259
Fort Worth  TX  76108

Yours with Hope for Honduras,

Leslie Priday

October 26, 2022

Dear Pastor and Church: We thank you for your prayers and financial support.  We count it a privilege to be your missionaries to Honduras.  We look forward to returning and continuing in the work there.   Thank you so much for your prayers for Alba.   She is weak and not able to eat very much.  She continues to receive chemotherapy.  The next one is November …

August 30, 2022

Dear Prayer Partners: We thank you for your prayers and financial support.  We count it a privilege to continue to be your missionaries to Honduras.  Thank you so much for your prayers for Alba.   In June, Alba began feeling bad and we went to the doctor in our city in Honduras and she recommended that we see the oncologist in Texas asap.  June …

May 17, 2022

Dear Colaborers:  We thank you for your prayers and financial support and count it a privilege to continue to be your missionaries to Honduras.  Thank you so much for your prayers for Alba.  We just returned from Texas for her doctor appointment that was on May 4th.   We praise the Lord that she received a great report from the tests and the doctor.  He said that …