December, 2020

December 1, 2020

Dear Pastor and Church:

We thank you for your prayers and financial support and count it a privilege to be your missionaries to Honduras.     We arrived in Texas October 15th.  We trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Edgar and his family including their 3 week old baby came and spent a couple of nights with us on their way moving to Colorado.  It was our first time to see her. She was born November 2nd in Galveston, Texas.  Her name is Samantha.  Because of the COVID 19 restrictions they couldn’t go in the hospital, but we obtained special permission to bring Alba outside in a wheelchair so she could meet the baby and we could all be together.  It was a special time.   What a Thanksgiving gift from the Lord!

Alba has been in the hospital here since October 22nd.  The night after her first chemotherapy we had to bring her to the emergency room.  Two nights later she was taken to the ICU.  Her blood pressure had dropped and her kidneys were not working.  The 19th of November she had improved enough to be moved to a regular room.    Her lab tests continue to show improvement, although she continues to be very weak and fatigued.  They are doing therapy to help her sit up, stand up, and later walk.  Her kidneys have improved so much that the kidney doctors said Saturday that they are removing the tubes for dialysis.  She hasn’t had dialysis for a week now.   We are waiting to see when she will have the second chemotherapy and where she will go upon being discharged from the hospital.  Please pray for ALBA’S health and strength, for wisdom in the decisions being made, for the ministry in Honduras and ABOVE ALL PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACULOUS AND GOD GLORIFYING HEALING OF HER BODY.  

We have continued to have church services with the works in Honduras via Zoom.  Sometimes we join with my parents mission work as they have started having in person services.  Bro J.D. Young helps transmit their service via Zoom.    We also have had special speakers including missionaries like my father, Harold Priday,  Bro. Darrain Coker in Mexico, Bro. Oscar Pineda in north Honduras, and Bro. Jacobo Nazar from western Honduras.  Sunday morning the 6th of December we plan to start having in person Sunday School services.  Bro. J.D. Young will go and help with the technology getting it projected on the screen and I will teach from here via Zoom.   I am teaching a series on the 12 KEY WORDS OF THE BIBLE.    We will continue the Sunday night and our midweek prayer services via Zoom.  I am also teaching two discipleship classes a week on the book of John via Zoom.  So in spite of the obstacles, God’s work continues.   

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support.  We are very thankful for the special offerings we have received.   May God bless you greatly. 

Yours with Hope for Honduras,