July, 2020


July 25, 2020

Dear Colaborers:

As we began our last letter, my how times have changed.  Because of COVID-19, we continue to be in lockdown in Honduras since March 16th.  At first, we could not have meetings of over 50 people.  Then they said no more than 10.  Most businesses open daily, but we can only go to the grocery stores and banks one day every two weeks depending on the last number of your id card.  The post office and most government offices have been closed since March.  The 29th, most of the country will go to phase 1 of reopening. 

We continue to have combined services with my parents’ works and ours on the internet, everyone from their home using an app called ZOOM or Facebook Live.  Praise the Lord for the internet! This has been challenging as not everyone has a smart phone or computer.  We have had to purchase the Zoom service so we can have longer than 40 minute services and we had to buy a different internet service provider that is more expensive because the former one broke up a lot.  But we are doing the best we can in these circumstances.  Our living room has become a recording studio.  One Sunday the electricity was off so I had to go to my parents’ house in another part of town where there was electricity to do the service.  We have not canceled any of our services.  We continue to have our midweek prayer service and two services on Sundays.  I have preached, my Dad has, our son Halbert has taught, Bro. Danny Jones, long time missionary to Monterrey and now McAllen, Texas has preached, Bro. Oscar Pineda, a missionary two hours north of us and several Honduran preachers. 

Experts believe that there are many more cases that people don’t want to report in our city.  Our son Halbert has tested positive for COVID19, but praise the Lord he has not had any symptoms!  Several of Alba’s nephews and nieces have had it and a brother-in-law, but are recovering.  Please pray for Alba who is battling several effects of a hiatal hernia.  Due to the National lockdown, we made the very difficult decision to cancel our annual Men’s Conference in September. 

We praise the Lord that my Mother’s two eye surgeries in Texas went well.  Because the airports are still closed here, they cannot return yet.  We have had to postpone a trip to the States to work on Alba’s paperwork.  Please pray that we can take care of this soon.  New missionaries the J. D. Young family are ready to move here, but are waiting for the airports here to open also.   

This Sunday the 2nd of August, I will be privileged to preach by Zoom at the Grace Baptist Church of Port Angeles, Washington.  We met Pastor and Mrs. Stevenson on our trip to Israel in 2018. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. It is our privilege to be your missionaries in Honduras.  May God bless you greatly,

Yours with Hope for Honduras,

Leslie & Alba Priday

Email:  lesliepriday@gmail.com


SENT BY: Victory Baptist Church,
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Dr. Charles W. Wetherbee, Pastor

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Leslie & Alba Priday