April 29, 2021

Dear Pastor and Church:

We thank you for your prayers and financial support and count it a privilege to be your missionaries to Honduras. 

 Thank you so much for your prayers for Alba.  She has been receiving chemotherapy treatment every three weeks.  At that time they run blood tests, also.  Each time her blood test results improve.  She had a CT scan March 22nd and a PET scan April 27th.  We are waiting for the results from it and on May 5th another chemotherapy.  The doctor said that she has made  “tremendous improvement” since October.  He said that he will continue the chemotherapy as long as it is helping and she can tolerate it.  He is considering surgery.   But, she is much stronger now.  She can stand up and sit up by herself and doesn’t use the walker or cane anymore and even cooks some.   We praise the Lord!  Please prayfor ALBA’S health and strength and ABOVE ALL PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACULOUS AND GOD-GLORIFYING HEALING OF HER BODY.   

Last week, on Thursday April 15th, my parents celebrated their SIXTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.  They are here for medical reasons, so we had a special dinner and afterwards a ZOOM meeting with friends.  It was an exciting time.  Congratulations to them again!  It was great to have my Aunt Sharon and her husband Toby from Durango, Colorado come to celebrate with us!

We continue to have church services with ours and my parents’ works in Honduras via Zoom.  Our mission work is meeting Sunday mornings in the building we rent.  Missionary Bro. J.D. Young helps with the technology getting it projected on the screen and I teach from here via Zoom.    We continue to have the Sunday night and our midweek prayer services via Zoom only.   My parents work is able now to have in person services, so on Sunday night, we merge our services on Zoom.      I continue to teach two discipleship classes a week on the Gospel of John via Zoom.  So in spite of the obstacles, God’s work continues.  I have been privileged to preach several times in churches here in Texas.    

What are our plans?  To return to Honduras ASAP – As Soon As Possible!

When then?  Only God knows.  We want to continue in the ministry in which God has put us in Honduras.  But for now He has us here for Alba’s treatment.  

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support.  May God bless you greatly.  

Yours with Hope for Honduras,

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Web Page:  www.lesliepriday.com
SENT BY: Victory Baptist Church, 1311 E. Bankhead Drive, Weatherford, TX  76086, Dr. Charles W. Wetherbee, Pastor
AFFILIATED WITH: Independent Baptist Fellowship International, 724 N. Jim Wright Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX  76108 

Leslie & Alba Priday