August, 2014

August, 2104

Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  We count it a privilege to be your missionaries in Honduras.  In the future, we will be sending our letters by email to lower the cost and the time consuming preparations of sending by USPS bulk mail.  Once again, I ask that each church please send us the email address where you would like to receive our letters.  If you already have, thank you!  Please contact us at

Now on a personal note:  Halbert told us at the beginning of the year that he was dealing with doubts about his salvation.  We talked and prayed about it and he decided that he needed to receive Christ as his Savior.  Shortly afterward, he followed the Lord in baptism.   We praise the Lord for touching his heart and for Halbert’s decision.  What a blessing to baptize our son.  In June he asked if we could divide the adults from the teens in Sunday School and he teach the teens.  So he has already started a new class.  Your prayers for us as a family are so important.

The mission work in Barrio Abajo continues to grow.  Please pray that the Lord will provide a Honduran pastor for that work.  We were blessed to have a group from Vandalia Baptist Temple, Vandalia, Ohio with us for eight days in July.  Pastor Rick Washburn preached in two of our services and in Sunday School for Pastor Polo in Iglesia Bautista Victoria.  They sang, gave testimonies, and did a puppet show in each church.  Also, they did a presentation in two elementary schools and to two different junior and senior high groups.  They passed out tracts to each group and all over the market area.  They also painted the inside of the building where the church meets.  We praise the Lord for their sacrifice to come and their hard work while here!!  If you would like to bring a group of any size from your church, please let us know.  You are welcome here!!!

Recently the youth had a special activity night with games, food and we showed the movie, “God Is Not Dead” and then analyzed it.  Also, last week, the church had an all night service from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.  It was a great blessing.  We had three services with many testimonies, special music, games, supper, a movie and two preaching sessions.  Pastor Walter Cortes was our special speaker and did a great job.

September 10th is Children’s Day here so we will have a special celebration with an evangelistic emphasis.  In October we will host a national Men’s Conference.  The theme will be Men Called of God and we will study six principal men of the Bible.  Please pray for these special ministries.   May the Lord bless each of you greatly.

Yours with Hope For Honduras,

Leslie & Alba Priday