May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013

Dear Co-laborers:

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and financial support as our co-workers in the ministry in Honduras.

During Easter Week, March 26-30, had our annual Youth Camp. Thank you so much for your prayers. The theme was Acts Not Just Words. We had a better attendance than last year from 3 of the 4 churches that attended. We had 16 campers and 4 adults from our church and my Dad & Mom’s church had 13 campers! We had a total of 41 kids from 13 to 25 years old and 6 counselors. Each cabin of 6 or 7 had devotions before breakfast. We had two classes each morning. I taught the book of James and Pastor Daniel from Tegucigalpa taught on False Doctrines. Each night we had a service with preaching and special music from the churches. A Honduran preacher, Walter preached an evangelistic message the first night. My Dad preached one night on what the Bible teaches about music. It impacted the campers!! The last night Pastor Daniel preached on Christian Commitment and we had the Testimony/Bonfire service. It is always a great blessing to hear the campers talk about what Camp meant for them. Halbert and Edgar directed the games and activities each afternoon. Edgar was also a cabin leader. Alba and I were also cabin leaders. Alba ran the little store, went back and forth buying supplies, and helped me direct the camp. Sunday night, everyone who went to camp gave their testimony about how it was a blessing to them. It excites and blesses me to hear their testimonies how the Lord worked in their hearts and that this year was the best year.

We praise the Lord for our Home Church, Victory Baptist Church of Weatherford, Texas; Eaton Baptist Temple of Eaton, Ohio, and two individuals who sent special offerings in February and March. We even had a lady from our church here that helped pay half of the cost of 6 campers!! However, at this point we have not had enough come in to cover this. We are short $1,000.00 to pay the part with which we help the campers. We need to pay this as soon as possible. . Please pray with us that the Lord will provide these extra funds. If you would like to give financially, please email us or call us at 817-886-0423. That is a Vonage phone that rings in our home here in Honduras. That way we can know how much is coming in.

We praise the Lord that we had 4 baptized in recently. One of them is the son of a faithful lady that we had prayed for a long time. Resurrection Sunday was an exciting and busy day. We had our traditional Sunrise service at 5:00 A.M., Sunday School, and in the evening service we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. We began studying the book of Revelation on Sunday evenings. Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless each of you in a special way for working together with us for souls in Honduras.
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Yours with Hope For Honduras,

The Leslie Priday Family