May 30, 2012

Dear Pastor and Church:

Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and support.   We count it a privilege to be your missionaries in Honduras.  The blessings and growth we see in the ministries here are a result of your involvement and is fruit that abounds to your account according to Philippians 4.  

Thank you for your prayers for my Father’s recovery from his illness and surgery in February.  He also had two cataract surgeries in March.  There were complications, but his recovery has been good.  Please continue to pray for his health and for my Mother’s health also.

Thank you for praying for our YOUTH CAMP in April.  Thank you also to those who sent special offerings to help with the individual costs for the campers.  We had a great camp.  Pastor Daniel taught on dating, love, and the decision of marriage.  I taught the book of Titus.  Halbert and Edgar did a great job leading the games and activities.  Each night we had a different Honduran pastor preach and my Dad preached one night.  We ended the nightly services with a testimony time around the bonfire.  As each one gave their testimony they added more wood to the fire, giving a good lesson on working together in the Lord’s work.  The testimonies were a blessing to us as we heard how the Lord had worked in the lives of the teens.  They encouraged us after all the hard work that goes into camp week.  Truly, it was worth it!!!!  Now to prepare for 2013!

Honduras celebrates Father’s Day in March and the church had a picnic to honor the fathers.  April and May have been busy months in the mission work as well.  After camp, we had a sunrise service on Resurrection Sunday and that evening we celebrated the Lord’s Supper.  The teens had a surprise birthday party for Halbert.  In May they celebrated Leslie’s birthday and presented him with a certificate of appreciation!  The teens and men honored the mothers’ for Mother’s Day.  I mention these because it is encouraging to see how the people take the reins and how they fellowship with one another.  The first Tuesday of each month, we have a special home prayer meeting in a different home.   Please pray that the Lord will provide a pastor for the mission in Barrio Abajo and land for them to build.  In August, we will have a special visitation campaign called 4 X 4,

We are in the process of changing our prayer letter list to an email list.  Pastor, please send us your church’s email address or your personal email to send you our letters.  This will save money in postage and printing.  If you prefer to receive a paper copy, we will be glad to continue to send it to you.  Please contact us through the IBFI address below or our email: May God bless each of you in a special way as you help us reach Honduras with the only true Hope, Jesus Christ.

Yours with Hope For Honduras,

The Leslie Priday Family