March 5th, 2012

Dear Co Laborers:

Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and support.   We count it a privilege to be your missionaries in Honduras.  Please pray for this country being ravaged by crime and violence.  The second largest and industrial city of Honduras has been recognized as the most violent city of the world.  You have probably heard about the fire February 14th in our local state prison which killed approximately 360 prisoners, including one woman who was visiting her husband.  The prisons here are overpopulated by almost 50%.  We praise the Lord for His protection.  But as seen in the murders of missionaries to Mexico John and Wanda Casias, the growing violence due to drug trafficking touches everyone here.   Truly the only hope is Jesus Christ!!

Wednesday the 15th of February, my Dad started having severe stomach pain.  Thursday he went to the doctor several times but found no relief.  The doctor told him to go to the hospital and after tests and x-rays, they said that his intestine was blocked by scar tissue from old surgeries.  The doctors hoped to be able to treat it without surgery, but Saturday afternoon they notified us they had to operate.  We praise the Lord that all went well and they did not have to cut away any of the intestine.  It was slow to wake up and he did not get out of the hospital for another week.  Praise the Lord the doctor has now released him to a normal diet.  He still has to be careful driving and cannot lift anything heavy.  Thank you for your prayers for him and please continue to pray.  He has two cataract surgeries scheduled in the next few weeks.

Please be in prayer for our upcoming YOUTH CAMP, April 3rd to 7th.  Please pray that there will be a good attendance, for the teachers and preachers, and for the games and activities.  As mentioned in our January letter, Camp will cost $70.00 for each teen.  Because of the poverty here, we would like to ask you to help them attend with a special offering.  We will be charging each one $35.00 for camp.  If you can help pay for the cost of a teen to go to camp, please send your offering to the mission office address below and notify us by email or phone so we can plan accordingly.  Your contribution to the Youth Camp fund will be greatly appreciated by us and the teens.  I feel very strongly about the importance of taking the youth away for these few days and ISOLATE THEM from the world, INUNDATE them with the WORD, and INSULATE them from Satan, the flesh and temptation as they return from Camp.

May God bless each of you in a special way as you help us reach Honduras with the only true Hope, Jesus Christ, through your prayers and financial support.

Yours with Hope For Honduras,

The Leslie & Alba Priday and Sons

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