November, 2015

November, 20 2015

Dear Colaborers:

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.   In October we had terrible flash floods in our city affecting some two thousand people.  Many lost everything with six feet of water in their houses.   The structure of many houses was damaged.  No one here in our area has flood insurance because it had never flooded here.  Praise the Lord none of our church people or family were affected.

The men’s conference the end of October was a great blessing.  My Dad, Missionary Harold Priday was our speaker.  We had sixteen men from four churches.   The theme was PREPARING FOR REVIVAL.  The meetings were Thursday and Friday night, and Saturday morning.  We praise the Lord for the great time we had.

This weekend Missionary Miss Shelley Grimm will be speaking to the ladies of the mission.  Now we are preparing for our Christmas program and the New Year.  Please pray for a national pastor for the work in Barrio Abajo.

Please begin now to pray for our 2016 YOUTH CAMP,  Easter Week or Holy Week as we say here.  To be able to have camp with our youth who come from poor homes, we have to help them with half of their camp costs.  Please pray that the Lord will provide these extra funds.  That comes out to about $50.00 for each camper.  We are praying for a special offering of $2,500.00 for this camp.

Next April, 2016, we will be returning to the U. S. for our furlough.  Our last furlough was 2007-2008.    We are already beginning to work on our schedule.  It would be an honor for us to be in your church.  I am attaching a postcard for you to please complete and print and return to us as soon as possible by mail or by email.  Our emaiL is (corrected from last letter).  I will contact you to confirm or change if necessary.  Thank you to those who have already contacted us.    Thank you for your help!

We want to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and a blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Wonderful Lord and Savior.  Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.  We also wish you a great New Year filled with blessings from the Lord and fruit in your ministry.  We will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family here.

Yours with Hope For Honduras,

Leslie & Alba Priday