May, 2017

May 3, 2017

Dear Colaborers:

Greetings from Honduras!   We are excited to be back HOME where God has called us to serve Him.  We returned Wednesday, April 5th.  We appreciate your prayers as we travelled on furlough and our flight back here.  Now we are working on getting the car and some things we brought back, including thousands of tracts, out of customs.  Please pray with us that this will go smoothly and we won’t have to pay high taxes.

We praise the Lord for His protection and blessings while we were in the States.  We traveled about 40,000 miles.  We were in churches in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Washington State, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Pensacola, Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas.  We visited 59 churches for 126 services, 2 Bible Colleges for two classes and 4 chapel services, 2 IBFI Fellowship meetings, and 1 Christian school.  We drove to every one of the churches where we went.   We were in several new churches trying to raise new support and we praise the Lord for those who began supporting us.  We also praise the Lord for our supporting churches that increased our support.  That is a great encouragement to us also.  We were not able to visit all our churches, but they will be a high priority for us to visit on our next furlough.  We thank them especially for their continued prayers and financial support.

The mission church here had a special service to welcome us home and a surprise supper for us at a local restaurant.  That was a great blessing.   They recognized the preachers that preached on Sundays with gifts.  As soon as we arrived, we started finishing the preparations for Youth Camp.  It started six days after we arrived.  Halbert had organized a support team to handle the music and afternoon activities.  Three of them were cabin leaders as well.  They were all a great help.  We are proud of Halbert and this group.  There was a special spirit in this Camp.  My Dad, Missionary Rev. Harold Priday and a Honduran Pastor taught the morning classes on MARANATHA, THINGS TO COME.  Honduran Preachers preached two nights and we had a Christian film one night.   The last night I was privileged to preach.  I felt a great burden as I prepared.  The Lord blessed and I had liberty to preach and the Holy Spirit moved.  PRAISE THE LORD, we had six saved during Camp and several dedicated or rededicated their lives to the Lord.   We praise the Lord for the churches and individuals who prayed and helped finance the campers.  May God bless you!

Easter Sunday, we had a special 3 church sunrise service and I was asked to preach.  In our evening service, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper and then each of the youth from our church gave their testimony about Camp.  I am enjoying preaching in Spanish again and am have a discipleship class weekly with two men.  We are reorganizing the visitation program.  Six went out last Saturday.

Thank you again for your prayers and support and may God bless each of you.  It is our privilege to be your missionaries to Honduras.

Yours with Hope for Honduras,

Leslie & Alba Priday